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Welcome Beautiful Soul✨

I’d like to introduce you to a new “Era”. My products are not only handmade from scratch, but fermented in the best quality of beneficial herbs and potions🔮. They are made with all natural ingredients. We have from the simplest to the most outrageous products.

Hello Beautiful Souls✨

If you are here is for a reason... My name is Alexandra Cortés. I am the owner and creator of Scrubbies Bath and Craft. "A handmade product made from scratch". The truth is that, my soaps are not just "any soaps"!! They are a special, magical creation, that contained magnificent benefits. They are blended, with the most uniqueness and outrageous herbs, plants, essenstials & fragrances you've ever Smell & seen.

Great for your Skin, Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

If you are in a Healing or awakening Journey, you are in the right place. if you're just passing by, I hope this take you to a new beginning.

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